How To Celebrate International Friendship Day!


It’s International Friendship Day! Celebrate the day with your besties and do something fun. Here are some creative ideas on what you can do with your BFFs to have fun today!

Today shouldn’t be like every other day with your besties! Make today special by doing each others nails! Check out these great colors and glitters. Paint every nail the same color or do each one differently.

Don’t stop at nails, you can watch movies and do face masks too. Claire’s has face masks that are peel off, sheets and rinse-off. They are the perfect activity to do with all your friends and a fun way to get soft skin. Be sure to take selfies and group photos!

Looking to do more than paint your nails or do face masks? You can always get one of these awesome cups and make some rooter floats, shakes or smoothies together. Don’t forget the sprinkles to make your drink look pretty.

Just remember that to celebrate International Friendship Day, all you have to do is hangout with your best friends and do fun things together!