Hair Fabulous Hair Tools!


Ever wanted to have show stopping hair styles? Look no further! Our exclusive hair tools are the perfect way to get a new look, quickly and easily.

Rose Bun

Create a beautiful bun in the shape of a rose like @louteasdale with our new rose bun hair tool kit. Perfect for special occasions, you’ll look elegant all day long.

Braided Space Buns

We created the braided space buns look and turned @niicolecorrales into the ultimate glittering unicorn. Combining both braids & space buns into one trendy look, this hairstyle will be sure to make you stand out, especially with added glitter!

Boxer Braids  

It was time to transform @kisu into a magical mermaid with our boxer braids hair tool. Simple to use and quick to create, boxer braids have never been easier!


Braided Bun

@elsamakeup shows off the braided bun hair tool hairstyle. By combining both the look of a neat ballerina bun with a french braid, this hairstyle is one your friends will love!


You can now get all the hair tools above in Europe and will be launching in North America very soon! Remember to check out our playlist on YouTube with all the tutorials too! #ItsAtClaires