Find Your Back to School Style With Claire’s



It’s time to get school style ready, but how do you know what fashion statement you’re making this school term? Claire’s can help! We’re here to help you find your unique style and rock the look of your choice this academic year.

1. Backpacks   2.Watch   3. Geek Glasses   4. Stationery   5. Nail Polish   6. Pom Pom Hair Ties   7. Necklace   8. Pins

1. Backpacks   2.Watch   3. Sunglasses   4. Headphones  5. Water Bottle   6. Hair Ties   7. Bracelet  8. Baseball Cap

1. Backpacks   2. Phone Case   4. Pom Pom Keychain   5. Lip Gloss   6.Coil Hair Ties   7. Makeup set  8. Earrings