A few months ago, I experienced the most exciting trip. I LOVE travelling, and Claire’s gave me a big opportunity to do so! But lets rewind. What made me enter this fantastic competition?  I am a BIG dreamer and love making videos, so I decided to enter and share my love of exploring new places. As I got into the final round, I was quite nervous, because all of the girls who entered had awesome dreams! I was so full of anticipation until I found out the results! I literally cried! 

After weeks of waiting, the day we were leaving for Los Angeles had arrived! At the airport I met the other two amazing European winners, Kerry-Lee and Willa. We chatted excitedly on the plane because we were all seated together. When we arrived at the hotel, we met the other three awesome North-American winners, Adeline, Maya and Kenna! All six of us instantly became friends and we loved each others’ company.

On the day of the Claire’s Dream Big Awards, I met so many of my favorite celebrities and I got so many fun Claire’s Accessories! It was an amazing experience to go up onto the stage and collect my cute award!

After the awards, we had a Pyjama Party! It was so much fun!

The Claire’s Back to School photo-shoot was AWESOME! I loved everything about it! The photographer was incredible, and the make-up artists, hair stylist, fashion designer and accessory stylist were super nice! Whilst waiting for our next shoot, us 6 big dreamers would talk and share exciting stories.

Claire’s has helped me believe in myself and achieve one of my dreams of visiting a new place! After coming back from the trip, I believe I can achieve my goals by dreaming big.

Kyla x