#DreamBigWithClaires Squad Top Tips: How to Deal with Bullying


We’ve teamed up with Cybersmile to support victims of cyberbullying and to let everyone know it’s ok to talk about the issue. Our #DreamBigWithClaires squad have given us their top tips on how to overcome bullying below.


Nine year old Willa overcame bullying at school and set up her Youtube and Instagram channels so she could use her voice to be a positive role model for girls her age and stand up for causes she is passionate about. Here are Willa’s top tips:

1. Use your voice. If you are being bullied never suffer in silence. Be brave, use your voice and never be afraid to ask for help. If you see someone else being bullied you can use your voice to ask a grown up for help.

2.  It’s not about you… Bully’s can be mean for lots of reasons. The bully might be having a tough time in their own life and they might be sad, frustrated or angry. Maybe they don’t feel happy or positive about themselves and are taking it out on someone else. Just remember to stay positive, it isn’t really about you.

3. Proud to be different… Never let bullies stop you being proud to be who you are. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is important. Love yourself and always remember how amazing you are.

Most of all… Be kind and keep smiling. Kindness costs nothing but something as small as a smile or a kind word can change someone’s day. Never stop Dreaming Big and always believe that anything is possible. Love from Willa.


1. Don’t listen to what opinions others have. Focus on YOU and what makes YOU happy and proud of yourself! #selfworth

2. Ignore the bullies as much as you can by walking away, unfollowing, blocking, etc. Find friends, groups, classmates that can help support you and stand up for you. These are your true friends and the type of people you want in your corner!

3. If you witness bullying make sure the person being bullied knows that there are people who have their back. Stick up for others and let it be known what is happening is wrong! Tell a parent, tell a friend, tell a teacher, tell anyone that you think can help.

You never know who’s hurting inside and what difference a few kind words can make. Smiles are contagious!


I dream of a better world where bullying is non existent. Bullying comes in many different forms such as cyber, verbal and any way that makes someone hurt inside. I hope that through Claire’s and Cybersmile we can make a positive change in this world. Here are my top 3 tips to fight/stand up to bullying:

1. If you see someone getting bullied or getting picked on be the person who stands up to it. You could stop the bullies in the action or invite the person who was bullied to lunch with you and your friends. The bully might be bullying because they don’t have any friends themselves so be compassionate to them too.

2. BE KIND. It’s so simple.

3. f your the victim of the bullying find something that takes your mind off of the matter. Go read a book, walk outside or take a nice bubble bath. For example my outlet is dance. When troubles knock on my door I know I will always have dance. You have to find your outlet that makes your day become better and happier.

These tips will help you stand up, prevent and take down bullying. Always know you are never alone and there is a long list of people who love and care about you. Let’s all work together as a community of string girls and take down bullied for good!


1. When you are on social media, don’t talk to and or add people you don’t know. The reason for this is because there is a huge danger in doing so. If you aren’t sure and you think you may know the person from either school or you’ve met them before, it’s always better to stay safe than sorry, so I recommend either talking to a parent or your friends first before adding this person.

2. Don’t display personal photos of yourself, friends and or family in compromising outfits or locations as these can be shared across the cyber (internet) world and can be displayed on other people’s social networks and can have repercussions and comebacks. If someone has sent you an uncensored photo, please don’t be pressured to send one back or forward it, as it is illegal and can cause serious issues in the near future. For example, if you think that because that person sent you a photo(s) it’s only fair that you send one back then you’re wrong because that person may show other people and post it on social media and it can lead to upsetting circumstances.

3. If you are being harassed there are people to talk to whether it’s in your school or at home, you can talk to teachers, school counselors and friends. If this happens to you and or your friends I would recommend making notes of when it happened, assert yourself, try and ignore the troublemakers, protect yourself and tell someone – most importantly.     

Remember there are always places to go, people top talk to and websites that can help. Claire’s is here to listen and to help, working with Cybersmile to reduce any type of bullying.


Bullying, how do you get yourself out of it? You are probably thinking its not possible, but its is! There are so many ways to get out of being the victim of Cyber-Bullying. So here are my best pieces of advice to give you!
1. Firstly tell someone you trust and get some support! If the bully is constantly sending you mean messages- don’t hesitate to ignore them. Don’t fight back! Its as simple as that. The bully will get bored and leave you alone.
2. Kill em’ with Kindness! If you feel like their harassing will never stop, be nice to them! Compliment them and they will soon see how nice of a person you are, and maybe start to even feel bad!
3. Block them! Its one tap away from relief, and you have that bully off your back!
If you are or have been bullied before, just remember to be yourself and don’t let anybody’s negativity get to you. Never change for anyone, not even your bestie. If they don’t like you for you, they aren’t a good friend! All you need to know is that you will never be alone. Even your favourite celebrity’s get bullied daily with hate comments and messages.
The person being mean to you is clearly jealous! They just cannot live up to how AWESOME you are! Just remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


After overcoming bullying, I have a few tips on how to deal with it.

1. Don’t let the bully know that they are bothering you. “Bullies lose their power if you don’t cower.” If they know that you don’t like them doing that, they will keep on doing it just to bother you.

2.Talk to someone you trust about it (parent/guardian, friend, etc.) When I was bullied, I didn’t talk to anyone about it at first. But, it caused me to worry, feel anxious, and feel sad ALL THE TIME. But, when I started talking to someone about it, I felt reassured and happier.

3.Tell them to stop- firmly, but not in a mean way. If you fight back, it just causes more drama. And honestly, they’re not worth your time. Also, if you do fight back, it makes you just as bad as they are. Be confident!

Together with Cybersmile, we’re working to build a safer and friendlier digital community, where young people are able to follow their dreams and achieve their goals without the threat of online abuse.