It’s Be Kind To Human Kind Week!! #BK2HK


It’s Be Kind to Humankind Week and this weeks all about showing kindness! Claire’s will be celebrating every day of the week with ways to make the world a better place! You can also make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by stopping at your local Claire’s store or by donating online here! Plus stay tuned on our social channels for more!

This Sunday is the first day of Be Kind To Humankind week and today’s all about… Sacrifice Our Wants For Others Needs Sunday!! Take time to tell a loved one how much they mean to you! Why not bake someone a cupcake, send a thoughtful card or send your BFF a list of why they make you smile! Spend that video game or TV time to do something for other needs! Maybe help your mom unload the dishwasher? You could even try volunteering, the possibilities are endless!

Next is, Mission Kindness Monday!! Make a conscious effort each morning to think kind thoughts and to spread kindness throughout the day! Make this your mission and make everyday count! You can do this by thinking about what you are grateful for, like your dog or your best friends. You can even share one of these super cute bracelets with friends to spread kindness!

Touch-A-Heart Tuesday! A simple smile will make both yourself and those around you feel happier! This may be a smile to someone you pass or telling a joke to a friend to make them laugh! Comment nice things on your friends’ pictures or try to cheer someone up who is feeling down. Help others be happy today with a smile!

For Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday all you have to do is help out! Just holding the door open for someone, making a cup of tea for a friend or helping out a relative. You can also walk an elderly neighbor’s dog, help your dad take out the trash or help mom with the laundry. Think of great ways to make you feel happier and those around you! Random acts of kindness will go a long way!

For Thoughtful Thursday, be kind to you! We all live busy lives and sometimes we forget to take a little time for ourselves! Why not go on a nice walk to clear your head and take in all the nature? How about treating your skin with a face mask or painting your nails? Take time out for you and focus on the things you love!

With Forgive Your Foe Friday you can remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes and to always be kind. Be open minded to those around us. Everyone is different and unique so we need to be less quick to criticize others. Give someone new the chance to become your friend, you never know who could be your next best friend!

Saturday, the last day of #BK2HK and today is Speak Kind Words Saturday! Make those around you feel appreciated. Write thoughtful notes or make nice comment to those who help you out or deserve some kind words. If you think someone did a great job or looks nice let them know, sometimes we forget to let those around us know how much we appreciate them!

Finally, don’t forget to be kind everyday, no matter the situation or week! You can also show your support of Be Kind to Humankind week by making a donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation at any of the Claire’s locations! Treat yourself or show kindness to friends anytime with any of our great accessories at!